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Introduction to Ofofo

A quick introduction to Ofofo platform and why you should use it


Welcome to the Ofofo Buyer’s guide. We have carefully detailed out your journey in this user guide for an easy registration of your profile, exploring the marketplace and making a purchase on the Ofofo Marketplace.


Below, we have answered some of the frequent questions that our buyers have.

If you have any further queries, please reach out to us at

What is Ofofo? is a cyber security marketplace that helps small businesses build cyber resilience. Connect to Cybersecurity companies with proven business experience with crafted offerings designed for small businesses.

Why buy on Ofofo?

Ofofo helps your business in many ways. It offers a one-stop-shop by extending features such as:

  1. Ofofo marketplace lets you research all offering quicker, compare offerings, features and pricing
  1. Once you choose an offering, you can buy within five minutes!
  1. Once after you buy an offering, you can directly interact with the seller through Ofofo’s secure chat module.
  1. It enforces an ecosystem of trust and confidence by careful onboarding of sellers and cross-verification of all product/solution offerings
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